Oh shit!!

So we don’t hear the question but it’s something like “Which partner from DWTS was your favorite?”

Val addresses the person who asked: “It’s very tough to answer that, you know, like, you have any siblings? Yeah? Which one’s your favorite?”

And Maksim freaking Chmerkovskiy, for the love of god, coughs: “Zendaya.”

Watch the video. Just watch the freaking video.


Does anyone know when Strictly Come Dancing starts and where I can see it? I wanna watch Tristan!


idk can someone answer this??

They showed the commercial before Doctor Who and I’m 90% sure it’s next week’s Sunday.

(The other 10% think it might be next Thursday. So one of the two but probably Sunday.)


Can you post the link to the lipstick alley thing you were talking about sorry I'm just interested


This is the thread with the pictures from Trevor’s party. I’m not sure if there are particularly hateful comments under this thread (this link was the first one that popped up in my browser and I don’t really want to visit the site again) but I’m sure if you go through all of them you’ll find something mean.

Also, you can use the search bar and look for Val’s name and if Zendaya’s name is in the same thread, then I’m sure the pedophile comments aren’t too far away.

And if you need something to cheer you up afterwards: