Do you have a list of favorite valdaya FICs


Everything I write haha just kidding :P

Well recently it was Going Home by dancing-valdaya best story off all times!

I used to read a lot lot more but I will admit I stopped so now I just read one shots more than the series but there still some that caught my eyes like

Mafia dreamer by athena4lyfe and anything she writes ;)

Work of our princess Lo easyobsession because she blows my mind especially check out Promises Promises: A Valdaya Story 

Different Dynamic by this lady twentysevenyearsyoung

cloulve is awesome and her Numb! Although you better have some tissues with you while reading it ;)

And many many many more because our fandom has the most talented people ever! And if I come up with smth else I will add it to the list :)

Aww, appreciate your kind words, love!


I feel bad for Val. I mean imagine him having to go to the store. We're not even going to mention Z being pregnant or their kids loving ice cream. If that was the case the store would probably give them a lifetime supply of ice cream...which would probably only last a month or so with them. Poor Val better have his own dairy farm or something. His woman's going to want her ice cream.


I like this message 🙊 

Agreed, anon, Val either needs his own dairy farm or he has to work hard his entire life just to make sure he can buy Z all the ice cream she needs.